Asti Ceramic Vase | Stone Stripe

Asti Ceramic Vase | Stone Stripe

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Why We Love It

The inspiration for the Asti Vase comes from nature with its organic tones and simple shapes. Asti reminds us of the beach. The design and colours have been carefully chosen to give harmony to any room - but also act as an interesting eye-catcher.

Asti looks lovely when mixed with other vases in the collection. Place them amongst your candles for the ultimate cosy moment.

What you need to know

  • Ceramic vase, matt finish, inside glazed
  • Made from lead-free clay - a porous material which should be hand washed using mild detergent. 
  • Size: Height 6 cm
  • Made in Sweden
  • Due to the handmade nature of the ceramics, every item is unique and differences in shade and pattern will occur, contributing to their charm.
  • We recommend extra caution when placing ceramic objects on a surface that is sensitive to moisture.

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