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North Letters

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Why We Love It

North Letters is about our home, our SHELTER & SANCTUARY. Our homes, our gardens and home landscapes can change our habits, minds and feelings. They respond to our emotional needs, they are touching our souls, they communicate with us. Home is the place where we belong. Belonging is a deep reassuring emotion. Our homes, gardens and landscapes are a symbol for the process of growing, of leaving something incomplete, they help us to learn to let go, to rest, to accept, to find some peace finally. And thus growing a garden or a home is an ever evolving process, and at the same time with a grounding and peace bringing effect. We learn to live the process, instead of becoming blind while staring at the result. Understanding and creating a home is a lesson for life, where we can practise to give up perfectionism, to accept setbacks and where we can adapt humility.  At home we set the atmosphere for our lives, the rhythm of our days, we restore human balance, far away from the hectic outside world, a space where we never feel lost.

What you need to know

NORTHLETTERS MAGAZINE  is a Nordic print magazine, throwing a light on the Nordic, its stories, its nature, its culture and soul.

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