Oatmeal Socks
Oatmeal Socks
Oatmeal Socks
Oatmeal Socks

Oatmeal Socks

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Why We Love Them

These socks were made for women who want to get on with their day. They are all about empowering women from their feet up!

The socks are simple in design, in considered colours, and made from beautiful materials by skilled hands. They are produced in an Italian factory that has been in business for nearly 40 years. And they feel amazing!


What you need to know

  • Oatmeal socks designed with intention.
  • Hand-linked toes for completely flat seams.
  • A longer length to keep them up.
  • A fine rib to reduce ankle marking.
  • Made from merino wool to regulate our temperature and cotton and polyamide to give them strength.
  • Three genuinely different sizes.
  • Made in italy.

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