Siena Paper Vase
Siena Paper Vase
Siena Paper Vase

Siena Paper Vase

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Why We Love It

This handcrafted flower vase is made of special waterproof paper, and is inspired by the Mediterranean. 

Use the vase on your desk or dining table, or as a thoughtful and original gift. The vase comes flat - all you have to do is gently push the edges open and place over a glass or small vase, add your flowers, and your done!

What you need to know

  • Comes with a notecard and envelope 
  • Material: 180gr waterproof paper, laminated and sewn by hand, offset with metallic foil stamping
  • Size: 26.5 x 29 cm
  • The vase is made of waterproof paper. Should the paper get wet, simply let it dry. 

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