Tiny Tim Tomato Seed Packet
Tiny Tim Tomato Seed Packet

Tiny Tim Tomato Seed Packet

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Why We Love It

A lovely packet of 200 Tiny Tim Tomato seeds for your garden. 

When it comes to dwarf-type tomatoes, Tiny Tim is a reference point for the category, with a pedigree that dates back to 1800. The result is a tree-like plant with short branches, curled to wrinkled leaves of a remarkably deep green colour and, last but not least, clusters of delicious, cherry-size, bright red fruits! Add them to your favourite dishes or pick 'em and eat 'em straight from the plant. Yum.

What you need to know

  • 200 seeds per pack
  • Approximate plant size: H: 30 cm, W: 25 cm // Approximate Container Size: H 20 cm, W 20 cm
  • Caring for your tomatoes: Dwarf-type tomatoes can be vulnerable to soil-born diseases as they tend to grow very close to the ground. Prevention is the key: grow them in a container, use sterile potting soil and organic mulch, and trim any ground weeds.
  • Made from sustainable and completely recyclable materials
  • Made in Italy

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