Wild Belle Flower Wrap - All Your Yeahs
Wild Belle Flower Wrap - All Your Yeahs

Wild Belle Flower Wrap - All Your Yeahs

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Why We Love It

A beautiful selection of bright dried blooms - a lovely addition for your home this Spring.

What you need to know

The flower wrap in the photo is made up and ready, and there is only one available. It will be tied with ribbon and wrapped in tissue - ready to gift. 

Each bouquet will be unique and will differ from the pictures shown.


Some tips for caring for your flowers

Do not place the flowers in water or keep them in a very humid environment. If it does get hot, the stems may leak small amounts of dye. Use tissue to gently dry the stems and move them to a warm and dry location. 

Interior use only - position them away from radiators or fireplaces to avoid drying out the stems.

Best kept out of direct sunlight.
It is normal for pieces of the flowers, especially grasses to shed slightly over time.

To lightly dust your flowers, try using a hairdryer. Always position it a metre distance from the flowers and use a cool setting.


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