Our Story

Bellwoods Lifestyle Store brings together a collection of items for you, your home and your life. We’re inspired by keeping things simple. Each maker and item in the shop is thoughtfully selected to feel like it belongs next to the other.

Our collections focus on craftsmanship, functionality, concept, or just because they look so good that we need them in our life! We like to surround ourselves with beautiful things and hope to help you do the same.



Nathalie in our Nicole Jacket and Eden Necklace.


Bellwoods is independently owned and operated by Nathalie, a former retail manager and visual merchandiser.

"After spending my 20’s in Toronto (Bellwoods is affectionately named after Trinity Bellwoods Park) I came home and decided to merge my experience and passion to venture off on my own and introduce a modern lifestyle store to Newcastle.

I’m really passionate about supporting and shouting about independent designers. I want people to see the amazing work being made by someone’s own hands - and the creativity, time and effort it takes to make something truly unique and special, rather than a mass produced item made with no care and attention. The items chosen will last.

I’m also passionate about great service. I am one person who will select and curate products for you, and wrap all of your orders too.

I do it with care because I believe shopping should be an easy and inspiring experience. I want to get to know my customers and to bring something truly personal and unlike the usual high street offer."