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9 independent and dog friendly places to eat in Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East

Staff Picks

To the Bellwoods team, food is one of the ultimate joys in life. We wake up most days wondering what we’re going to eat that day and relish finding new places to try.  
There are so many good foodie spots in the Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East, and we like to support independent restaurants that source quality local ingredients, have friendly staff and are dog friendly (got to keep our pooches happy too).
We're sure this list will be part one of many as we could keep adding and adding to our favourite foodie spots, but for now, and in no particular order, enjoy reading about some of our favourite places to eat in the North East, whether you're looking for takeout, a quick feed or a more leisurely meal.

1. Northern Rye 

Northern Rye is a  handcrafted, small batch bakery specialising in sourdough breads, viennoiserie, sandwiches and great coffee. It is based in the Ouseburn Valley - the cultural heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, and is one of our favourite bakeries to visit and stock up on bread and sweet treats. Our favourite stand out product are their toasties - perfectly toasted, homemade sourdough filled with local cheeses - heaven. Order as much as your arms can carry and then take it on a stroll through the Ouseburn and along the river. 

2. Proven Goods Donuts

If you don't get your fill of baked goods from Northern Rye, you can always do the 15 minute walk up to Hoult's Yard (just beyond Ouseburn Valley) for the best donuts and cookies around at Proven Goods. You will want to visit early on a weekend, and expect a queue, which is always worth the wait. Proven Goods specialise in traditional hand rolled, slow proven doughnuts and ethically sourced coffee. They have a monthly menu that changes with the seasons - think peach and honey almond cream, and raspberry, pink rhubarb and vanilla donuts in July. If you live in Whitley Bay, you can also pick up your Proven Goods donuts in Kith and Kin too - you will often see us having a donut day on a Friday in the shop.

3. Kith and Kin

We've talked you through how good Kith & Kin is in our Best Brunch Spots in Whitley Bay blog post already, but we love this place so much that we need to tell you about it again. Kith & Kin is our go-to dog friendly brunch spot at the coast with lovely staff and a buzzy atmosphere. The food never disappoints - our favourites are The Aussie, Shakshuka and any of the French Toast, and the specials are always interesting. When we're working and we can't sit in, we love to drop in for a grab and go sandwich (using Pure Knead bread), and almost always get cake too. It's just too hard to resist. 

4. The Little Dumpling House 

The Little Dumpling House is the perfect place for a quick tasty bite in Jesmond. Specialising in handmade dumplings, braised and five spice dishes, they have a huge tea menu and lots of dumplings to choose from. Our favourite thing to order is the Chinese Burger - a bao bun filled with slow cooked meats. Make sure to have a stroll along Brentwood Avenue once you're done there too.

5. Flint Pizza and Wine

Located on Chillingham Road in Heaton, Flint is a Neapolitan Pizza & Natural Wine Bar. We love the relaxed atmosphere in the space, the warm welcome from the staff team, the delicious natural wine and cocktail options and, of course, the most delicious pizza. Flint has sit in and take out options, but you can’t beat being there to enjoy the ambiance, watching your pizza being made from the bar and the smell of all the delicious food. We always get some marinated olives to start off proceedings, and like to try whatever special is on because it is always delicious.



6 . Omni Cafe

Omni Cafe is a local favourite of ours, base in Whitley Bay. A Vietnamese-inspired, cosy, laidback restaurant, serving some of the freshest and vibrant food we've ever tasted. If you’re anything like us, you will want one of everything on the menu. Luckily, Omni seem to know this, and they offer many small plates, meaning you can order seven spiced crispy oyster mushrooms, Vietnamese caramelised belly pork, miso pickles and salt and chilli squid, alongside your curry of choice. We are eternally grateful that Omni introduced us to Halva, a Persian confectionery that the restaurant serves in a glass with ice cream and nuts as a delicious dessert. We always choose this delicious sweet to round things off.
Since being given the giant thumbs up from Jay Rayner in the Guardian, Omni gets booked up quicker than ever before on weekends, so make sure to plan ahead. Or alternatively, try a more relaxed mid-week lunch or dinner.

7. Dosa Kitchen

Dosa Kitchen South Indian Canteen is tucked away behind Osbourne Road in Jesmond. The menu offers lots of small plates, the most delicious dosa we've ever eaten and super flavoursome dishes with plenty of veggie and vegan options. Their Sunday Sapaad at the weekend makes for a delicious afternoon - made up of a delicious selection of small bowls with sauces, curries, yoghurts and chutneys, served with a dosa in the middle of the plate to mop it all up.



8. Ophelia

Ophelia is a neighbourhood French Bistro in Gosforth, serving thoughtful comfort food, with a cellar of low intervention wines inspired by their love for France. The small but delicious menu is perfect for a special occasion. Their A La Carte Menu serves up classics like Chicken Liver Parfait with Preserved Cherries, Hazelnuts & Gingerbread and Veal Rump with Fresh Peas, Jersey Royal Potatoes & Fourme d'Ambert, while their steak frites menu on Thursdays and Saturdays is a must try. 

9. Cook House 

We can't include our favourite foodie places without including Cook House. Based in Ouseburn Valley, Included in The Good Food Guide every year since 2016, Cook House offers casual, all day dining, focused on food, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Cook House is so special to Amy that she had her wedding breakfast here, and Suzie's other half cooks there too.
The beautiful terrace is a perfect spot to enjoy homemade cocktails and plates of tasty food, which change regularly with the seasons. Think BBQ’d Mackerel & Tenderstem Broccoli with Mussels, Smoked Bone Broth, Kohlrabi & Sesame Salad or Charred Aubergine in Date Syrup with Paprika Tomatoes, Chickpeas & Mint Salsa. Brunch is always delicious here too if you're planning a day time visit to the Ouseburn.
We'd love to know your favourite indie, dog friendly places to eat in the North East - we'll be sure to check them out! 
- Amy and Suzie x

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